How to Play Zeus Slot

How to Play Zeus Slot

How to play Zeus Slot. Worship the god of the sky, the god of thunder and lightning, the king of all gods, Zeus!  Watch Zeus’ mighty lightning strike and uncover the treasures and riches that await you.

Zeus Slot Game Core

As the main core of the Zeus slot game, players can see 3 types of WILD symbols on the reels. The most valuable of the three is Super WILD, which is doubly rewarded when they appear in a winning combination.

When 3 scatter symbols appear on reels 2, 3 and 4, the Wheel of Zeus feature is activated. Players spin the wheel and receive prizes based on the symbol chosen. Bonus multiplier or one of 2 free spins modes, such as Thunder God or Lighting Bolt for players rewarded.

Zeus Slot Functions

In addition to the Zeus WILD symbol, the game has 2 other WILD types, the SUPER WILD, which pays twice and the Dual Stacked WILD, which converts 2 full reels into WILD symbols.

The Zeus wheel appears when the bonus game is triggered and gives the player 1 of 3 different bonuses.

How to Play Zeus Slot
Zeus Slot

Free games

In the free spins modes Thunder God and Lightning Bolt, players receive 5 free spins. Stacked WILDs appear and move right to left on the reels during the free spins, allowing players a greater chance of winning during the free spins.

In the Lightning God Free Game, two stacks of WILDS appear instead of 1. This makes it easier for you to make big wins!

Possibility of Multiple Disbursement Distribution

Based on the graph above, we can see that roughly half of the main game payouts are concentrated at 0x10, while almost 70% of the free spins payouts are between 21x200x. If the players manage to get into the free spins mode, it will almost guarantee them a big payout!

Game Details Zeus Slot

  • 5 reels 25 paylines
  • Free games
  • High return
  • RTP: 97

Strategy 1

Players can start by placing a smaller bet amount and then adjusting the bet amount according to the cycle of play. When the game starts winning frequent prizes it means it is entering a winning cycle and may soon be giving out big prizes. Players can choose to increase their stakes for big wins.

Strategy 2

Since the main game has a constant 45% payout rate around 0-x10, players can set their desired win and loss limit and quit when the goal is met. However, if the game switches to free spins mode before the player reaches the goal. They have the chance to win big prizes and can reset the goal threshold to get the most out of the game’s winning cycle.

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