Narcos slot

Review Narcos Slot: 3 Important Things for Free Spins

You know Narcos from Netflix, but there is also an online slot of the series, made by the popular Swedish game developer Netent. Yes, that is the Narcos slot.

Like the Netflix series, Narcos revolves around the infamous drug lord Pablo Escobar (1949-1993) and the hunt by the US drug police (Drug Enforcement Administration, DEA).

Is playing Narcos as exciting as watching the series? Let’s find it out. 

The Narcos Slot Review

1. How Does Narcos Work? 

Narcos has five reels with three symbols on each reel. The minimum bet on the Narcos slot is 20 cents per spin.

There are no paylines. A minimum of three identical symbols on consecutive rows from left to right is a prize. Moreover, there are 243 ways to make a combination (243 ways).

The symbols of the slot consist of drawn characters from the Netflix series: Escobar himself, DEA agent Javier Peña, DEA agent Steve Murphy, his wife Connie Murphy and Escobar’s right-hand man, José Gonzalo.

In addition, there are flamingos on the reels and Cessna planes. Flamingos were Escobar’s favorite animals, he bred them in his private zoo. The Cessnas were used by DEA agents to locate and destroy coca plantations.

These symbols are supplemented by popular slot machine symbols A, K, Q and J. On this slot, those symbols are rather ugly.

In addition, there is a Wild symbol (Joker), which is the DEA agents badge. It’s a walking wild, like in the Netent slot Jack and the Beanstalk .

If you land a Wild and it forms a winning combination, the Wild will move one step to the left during the next spin. 

This continues until you no longer make a winning combination or the Wild is gone. By the way, you just pay for the follow-up spins!.

2. The Three Features

Before you play that dominoqq game, it is a good idea for you to know the features within Narcos. 

1. Drive By

This feature can start randomly after every spin. A car drives into view that shoots bullets at your screen. One or more high symbols change into a Wild.

2. Locked Up

If you spin at least three Pablo Escobars in a row, this feature will start. The Escobars slide against each other and form a cluster. Each Escobar comes with a cash amount of 1 to 10 times your stake.

Now you get three free spins with only Escobars and empty spaces on the reels. If an Escobar is added that is directly adjacent to the cluster, an amount will also be added and you will again receive three free spins.

This way the cluster gets bigger and bigger, until you don’t spin an Escobar adjacent to the cluster for three spins in a row.

Sometimes you also spin a golden suitcase during the feature. If the suitcase is directly adjacent to your cluster, all amounts are increased.

3. Free Spins

There’s one more symbol we haven’t mentioned yet: a getaway car. If you land three of them, you get 10 free spins. During each spin, one or more high symbols turn into Wilds

3. The 1000 Spin on Narcos

We play 1000 real money spins, in this case with the minimum bet of $0.20 per spin.The symbols of Narcos are not all equally beautiful, but the exciting soundtrack is good.

In addition, the basic game is nice, although there are a lot of ‘prizes’ of 5 or 10 cents. We would rather see those prizes omitted in exchange for higher prizes. The highest win in the base game is $5.60.

The Locked Up feature comes along nine times and is good for $5.20 on average with a profit of $9 as an outlier.

The free spins? We get it exactly once!. yields a nice amount, namely $22.30. 111.5 times the stake.

However, after 1000 spins there is still a loss of $50.05 on the counter. That’s an expensive final review.

In conclusion, Narcos slot is a peculiar slot from Netent. However, the symbols are bad. It would have been a better idea to use spectacular stills from the series as symbols.

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